Church Ministries 
Liturgy Committee 
The mission of our Liturgy Committee
is to ensure that the Order of the Mass is preserved and to implement any changes to the liturgy as directed by the Bishop.  They also provide seaonal information to enhance the The Reason For The Season. Many of the flyers and inserts you receive in the bulletin is through the hard work of this group.   
Council of Catholic Women
The mission of our Council of Catholic Women
is to coordinate all parish events, concerns and activites.  Many of our social events, BBQ's and festivals are done through this group of dedicated parishioners.  They work closely with the social concers group in making things happen in parish activities.
Social Concerns  
The mission of our Social Concerns Committee is to provide help to those in need.  By working in conjunction with some community organizations, we are providin
g services to children and families who are in need.  But remember, you our parishioners make this help possible through your monetary donations and your generous response to our requests. We want to be sure our parishioners are taken care of.  If you or someone you know of is experiencing a difficult time just call the rectory.  In addition, we try to keep in touch with our elderly parishioners who are shut in or living in a nursing home.  Please call the rectory if you know of someone who is not on our lists.
Visit to Home Bound Communion to the Hospital & Home Bound
Transportation to Mass
Caring for the Elderly Food Pantry Help With
Our Sister Parish
St Peter & Pauls Church
Special Seasonal Food and Toy Collections

Music Ministry

To bring  the gift of song to the liturgical services. Both the Cantors and the Choir will be singing at the church during weekly masses and special sesonal events like Christmas and Easter. You as a parishner are already part of this Ministry by singing at mass, but if you want the next step see below.
 Have you ever considered being a cantor? The cantor’s primary responsibility is to lead the congregation in song during the Mass. Please talk to the organist after the mass or contact the Rectory to become an important and vital part of the Music Ministry.
 Being an Adult Choir member in our Music Ministry gives those who have been blessed with the gift of song the opportunity to sing God’s praises at liturgies throughout the church year in a most venerable setting. Think of what it would be like to be part of the Music Ministry for Advent and the Christmas Season, Lent, Holy Week, the Easter Season, and most of the church year. What a wonderful way to give back to God the gift of music that has been given to you.