Our Vision


Our Parish has embraced the 4 individual parishes  from which  we were formed into one harmonious vibrant Catholic Community through prayer, Liturgical Celebration, and open acceptance of change. 

We are a vibrant community of faith committed to the
preservation of our ethnic and Catholic faith based heritage while providing catechetical formation, through
 instruction and example, for our whole community
In conjunction with the Diocesan Mission we strive;
•To build a Catholic community where All are welcomed,
respected, needed and appreciated.
•To incorporate and share the word of God in our daily
 lives and lives of others.
•To celebrate the gift of all Sacraments, by providing an
 environment for growth at every stage of Christian life
•To provide a sound religious education for the youth of our
 parish instilling Christian values and a desire to help others in
 their community and beyond.
•To uphold respect for and encourage those called to the
priesthood, religious life, and those devoted to propagating
our faith.•To recognize and utilize our God-given gifts to serve
those in need

We are members of the Scranton Diocese serving God,
Community and on another

We Pray as One

Our Values

Being a welcoming (evangelizing) community
• Embracing our elderly and infirm who are unable to physically participate in our liturgies
• Create an environment that encourages participation of our youth
• Being good stewards or our own individual gifts as well as the gifts of our parish community
• Acknowledging God’s presence in every aspect of our lives.